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Power 100 Companies with Highest Dividend Yield, ​Fastest Growing Dividend, Lowest PEG Ratio, Largest Market Capitalization, and Smallest Market Capitalization.


The 100 securities that comprise the Power 100 index for the year 2017.

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The Coastwise Power 100® index, calculated by Coastwise Capital Group, LLC®, measures and tracks the performance of a well diversified group of companies selected based on various financial measures and criteria as outlined below.

  • 100 companies, equally weighted

  • 30% maximum industry concentration

  • REITs and utilities excluded

  • Minimum duration of dividend payments

  • Maximum payout ratio

  • Minimum return on equity (ROE) threshold

  • Leaders in respective industry

  • Approximately 10 - 30 companies added / deleted annually

  • Power 100 list updated as of March 31st annually

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Headquartered in La Jolla, California, and founded by CEO/Chief Investment Officer, Scott Kyle, Coastwise Capital Group is committed to creating customized portfolios that meet our clients' investment needs and objectives. Coastwise manages many account types including:​

  • Individual accounts

  • Retirement accounts

  • Trust

  • Organizational accounts

  • 529 plans


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La Jolla, CA 92037

Tel: 858-454-6670

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The Power100 Index
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